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Racing Information as it has never been seen before

Race performance, or past performance data is the heart beat of racing.

To make Autochart captured information available to racing fans, Autochart has designed and patented charts and graphs  into a single online experience available at, where the fan can choose a racetrack, race date and a specific race to view the past performances of all horses.

Instant availability and many options to explore every horses’ performance are just some of the features you will find at

As soon as the race is official, the APS2 data just captured is uploaded to the web server and is available to the viewer as interactive charts, graphs and overlays.
new_expanded_POC 3
AutochartNet now provides,  user selectable, expanded point of call information, for each 1/8 or 1/16 mile race interval.

The Autochart V-Cam animated replays are available for download at


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Autochart’s Interactive Online can be customized in any language or visual format.

Autochart’s captured data can be presented, as a Standard Chart or  a sophisticated analysis of the horses performance, and their relationship to each other in a race. All are controlled interactively.

autochart net chart1

Autochart “Standard Chart”. A leader on top order with lengths behind and times.

autochart net poc graph

Autochart “Order of Arrival Graph”. A visual of the arrival at every point of call.

autochart net trip graph

Autochart “Trip Graph”. Select any number of horses to overlay and analyze their trajectories through the race.

autochart net speed graph1

Autochart “Speed Graph”. Select any number of horses to analyze their speed curve through the race.