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Sectional Timing, Race Data Capture and Digital Television Graphics in a Single integrated Package

Autochart delivers the vital content necessary to fuel the racing product of the future.

Autochart real time race data capture and television display technology, keep your racing players engaged.  It is better and easier to follow your horse in the race when you know exactly where it is at all points of call.  Autochart accomplishes this through a very well design dynamic display, without competing with the horses for attention.

Autochart  has the highest picture quality, as well as a unique new CONTENT that is exciting and guaranteed to make your racetrack’s television signal stand out.

Our base product/service is a highly integrated solution which may includes:
Race timing
Chart data
Digital television graphics
AutochartNet online experience
and digital high resolution photo finish

Autochart delivers a high quality service, which requires zero infrastructure. It runs on solar power and is wireless, avoiding the expense associated with the installation and maintenance of outdated systems.

Stop  spending your operations money on dead end technologies. Call us for a confidential proposal today.

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