Six Reasons
  • Make money with Autochart
  • Attract New Players
  • Increase handle
  • Explore New Betting Possibilities
  • Deliver more information and entertainment with Autochart’s internet technology
  • Last but not least Accuracy

Make money with Autochart
Autochart is licensed by the States of New Jersey and Delaware as a Race Timing and Photo Finish provider. But, unlike all other timing providers, Autochart produces and displays a wealth of racing information in real time. This information is important to the players, it needs to be seen and it can bring money to your operation by monetizing Autochart’s features.
For example, the Autochart full field running order can show an animated sponsor logo as it brings in the bar with leader speed and last furlong time. Recaps and finish graphs with trip information can also be monetized through sponsor advertising. The same can be said about interactive charts and mobile device animated replays.
By monetizing Autochart, the cost of our services will be completely offset, with new earnings showing up in your profit column!

Attract New Players
Bettors choose Autochart because they feel excited about and trust the information. During the race they know at all times where their horse is and how many lengths behind or ahead it is.

Deliver more information and entertainment with Autochart’s internet technology
Racing like it’s never been seen before, live and on line. delivers a unique interactive experience. Your players can instantly view charts, with points of call every furlong, arrival & speed graphs and Trip graphs with margins and times for every horse. All graphs have overlay capability so any horse’s performance can be overlaid over another or any number of starters simultaneously.
To add yet more excitement and convenience, fan can order FREE, Autochart’s V-Cam (virtual camera) race animations sent to any computer or mobile device! How cool is that?

Increase handle
In 2008, Harrington reported a 13.22% increase in combined handle!  All in the midst of a slump industry wide that averaged 8 to10% loss.
It is obvious that simulcast players specifically, preferred to bet on Harrington’s races over the competition on their markets.
Can your teletimer provider even imagine delivering a handle increase? We know they can’t. So why throw your hard earned money away on 45 year old technology? Today’s players want more information, better presentation, more accuracy, the winners look for future trends, and the excitement that Autochart brings to the game. Proven!

Explore New Betting Possibilities
As if all the above may not be enough to peak your sense of foresight, Autochart technology is essential to creating new bets!
Only we can create a myriad of new IN-RACE BETS with our point of call 1/1000 second timing and positioning technology. Autochart instantly visualizes the arrival of all horses at every point of call. 
For the first time in a long time, horse racing can open up new exciting sources of revenue with Autochart in-race picks and prop bets.

Last but not least Accuracy
Most people don’t know the truth about the infrared beam in teletimer type systems.
Some think the infrared beam times horses on the nose. Not true.
The beam could hit the head, the neck, the chest or the legs of the horse, according to how the beams are installed.
Autochart in contrast makes timing equal for all horses, because the Autochart chip on each horse triggers the start and finish.

Call Autochart today, and explore the many ways in which we can increase your profits. Stop throwing your money away on obsolete technology.

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