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The Autochart Digital graphics system, shows real time television displays of all Autochart real time and past performance data. It has the capability to completely package your racetrack’s television product with SD/HD quality, the latest digital effects, sponsor features and automation.

Our graphics system interfaces with all totalisator systems, USTA and Equibase. Additionally, the system is able to display past performance information and image databases such as jockey’s heads shots, silks and logos.

The operation is intuitive and can be mastered in one training session.

The system will automatically show a changes crawl, and other real time racing information, like claims and special event promotions.

All officiating messages such as Objection, Disqualification, Photo, etc. are displayed automatically, taking out the probability of operator error.

The Autochart Producer® graphics system, supports digital video effects including, 3-D animation, video in a window compression and motion backgrounds. It interfaces seamlessly with all digital and analog television systems.


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