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A one million dollar digital television production system upgrade is just that. A million bucks worth of television gear!

It will improve the overall picture quality of your broadcast, and that, along with depreciating rather quickly, is all it will do.

So, what is missing? ENHANCED CONTENT.

All the high end (and pricey) digital and HD gear in the world will NOT add anything to the CONTENT of your simulcast product. Although you already have the raw component to generate it with your live race card. To move it to the digital content world, you need the right technology to collect the real time performance information and make it useable.

Enter Autochart technology.

Autochart’s APS2 system will capture the soul of your live racing product and will inject the excitement of instant race performance information to your simulcast signal. Autochart makes it all possible, without the need for a costly infrastructure or a television system upgrade. See Harrington Raceway's live webcast Sunday through Thursdays, 5:30PM Post.

And, as if transforming your television product is not enough, Autochart’s new portal brings your fan base a totally new interactive online experience with interactive charts, speed and trip graphs, overlays and more. The best news is that this added value feature is FREE to all Autochart customers!

Our base service package includes Race Timing, Race Positioning (real time full field running order with lengths behind), Digital APS2 Producer® digital graphics system and interactive charts and graphs. A cost effective integrated solution available only from Autochart.

High resolution photo finish is one of the many optional services Autochart can bundle to help you consolidate and save.

Equibase® has thoroughly evaluated Autochart’s technology for accuracy, giving the green light for performance, value and operability with thoroughbred optimization currently taking place at Belmont Park’s training track.

For the first time in horse racing history, DIGITAL CONTENT never before available can be part of your racing product, without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure or update your television system! Contact us for more information or a confidential proposal.

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